Resume of a Game Designer

My one little personal plug. Here is where I am placing my Professional Resume for any Employers who may like what they see in my work and would like to get in contact with me.

Project: Arkham: A Glimpse Into The Madness

Arkham RPG is a SNES style RPG in which you play as a team of investigators in the Cthulhu world setting. Players will traverse through many of the locations in the world as well as Arkham itself. The investigators have been called to the area because a great evil is begining to rise once again. The ancient ones awake; and the investigators are being called to save the world.

Project: Spellbound: Dueling Magi

A game of Magic and Mayhem entwined into the perfect mix of strategic and decisive combat casting. Challenge equally skilled enemies. Set out to prove that you are the most powerful Battle Magi.

Project: Soulrend

A being of sheer chaos, you are capable of possessing the bodies of mortals and using their weapons against them while draining their souls in an attempt to unleash your ultimate powers. Quench your thirst for delicious souls while evading the military and unleashing terror upon the world.

Top 20 Games of 2014

The end of the year is here and with that the top 20 games of 2014 list is finally compiled .